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Way back in 1987, a small firm with a simple name, “Agarwal Household Carrier” started functioning. 

From those small beginnings, our company has grown and grown and grown. And the growth has been remarkably rapid. What started off as a small business has now become one of India's largest transportation companies. To reflect the vastly increased scope of activities, a suitable name was required. We have renamed our company as “Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd.” Our company runs over 1000 vehicles. Our Pan India presence has been marked by the establishment of 52 Company owned offices which service 1264 locations across the country. And we are expanding.

We started our service with only one lorry, one office and a small team. And, now the business is growing impressively. We have successfully managed to grow and possess a team of creative and experienced professionals working with customers from all the corners of the world. It was a family-operated business. And, though the business has grown, we have a stable company with professionals. From the very first day, quality of service has been our core principle. That is why there are no franchisees. Franchising carries the risk of dilution of standards.

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